PANTONE Campaign


Pantone is celebrating its dominance in the graphic arts industry as the standard for color fidelity, proofing and reproduction by launching a new campaign to its market–graphic designers.

The foal of the new campaign “COLOR YOUR LIFE” is to remind its audience of its many products and services while thanking them for making Pantone the standard. The materials created in this project will be in trade shows, graphic arts supply stores, web sites and mailed directly to designers belonging to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the Graphic Artists Guild (GAG) and other professional associations for design. As main products, Pantone portable cutlery set, Pantone tooth brush, and Pantone gum will be first produced. These three products are all related to and focused on our eating habits. The hope behind the campaign is that we can maintain our healthy life easily by focusing on our eating habits through “COLOR YOUR LIFE” pantone products.
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